Frequently Asked Questions

Why do other Hypnotherapists charge less?

Yes that’s true.  We have found that the three main reasons why other hypnotherapists can charge as little as $50 to $90 a session are these:

  • Other Hypnotherapists usually do a program of 3 or 4 sessions, which means not only do you have to go back over and over gain and spend your valuable time, but you end up paying $150 to $360 anyway.
  • They fail 60-70% of the time. Which means that even after you have spent your time and money, you will still probably be a smoker.
  • Even if you’re one of the lucky ones, the 30 to 40% who respond they often go back to smoking.

That’s why they can’t backup their work with a lifetime guarantee. We are so confident that the one hour is all you need that we offer FREE lifetime back up sessions.

Which means if you ever start smoking, we will help you quit again for free. And if our sessions were not effective, we could not afford to do free back up sessions. In this profession, just like everywhere else, you get what you pay for.

With us, for a investment of only $397 you get the best of advanced hypnotherapy techniques, and we are also the ONLY hypnotherapy practice to back up our work with a lifetime guarantee.

Why don’t you offer A Money Back Guarantee?

Years ago when we first testing this technique, we gave a money back guarantee, but our success rate dropped to around 70% to 80%.  This is because some people had part of them that wanted the money back. So they would start smoking just to get their money back.  We’ve found about 20% (1 in 5 people) would come back.We don’t do that any more, instead we offer lifetime backup and we find that more than 95% of people stop smoking completely with the one session. 

The most important thing to us is your success.

Many of our clients come from referrals and we want as many of our clients to quit smoking as possible.

Does the Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes System™ work?

We couldn’t offer a lifetime guarantee if it didn’t work.

If we didn’t have more than 95% of people stopping in one session we would put ourselves out of business by offering a lifetime guarantee.  Our sessions work and that’s why we are the only ones in the business offering a lifetime guarantee, because we are absolutely certain that the method is so good that over 95% will stop smoking.

If in the first 15 minutes we don’t think it will work for you, we’ll send you away with a full refund of your deposit.

Because nothing is more important to us than your success.

There are some people we do not help because they make up the majority of the 5%. Those are people who are coming in for other people Their wife, spouse, boss, etc told them to come in or else . . .

The only person we cannot help is people who do not really want to quit. And you are not one of those people are you?

I Have Tried Hypnosis Before And It Didn’t Work:

When people say they’ve tried hypnosis before or it doesn’t work, we always say, “The question isn’t ‘does hypnosis work?’ because it always works when it’s done correctly, the question is ‘how good is the technique?’”

Other Hypnotherapists use a very basic form of hypnosis, which only usually gets a 30–40% success rate.

The way that we get over a 95% success rate is that we use a unique combination of advanced neuro hypnotic techniques.

And our success rate is the reason why we are the only hypnotherapy practice that is prepared to back our work up with a lifetime guarantee.

Other hypnotists CLAIM a 95% success rate:

They may claim it, but the question is “Do they back it up with a lifetime guarantee?” The reason why they don’t is because they can’t. They use a very basic form of hypnosis, which produces a 30–40% success rate.

We use a very advanced form of advanced neuro hypnotherapy which produces over a 95% success rate helping people to stop smoking.

The most important thing to us is our unblemished success record because nearly all our clients come from word of mouth, so if we are not absolutely certain that you will succeed, we won’t take your money. If we do accept you as a client, which we will know in the first ten to fifteen minutes, then we will stick with you.

The difference with us is that no one, absolutely no one, is left out in the cold. We are there for you, that is our lifetime guarantee.

What If I Can’t Be Hypnotized?

Everyone with an average IQ can be hypnotized. It is simply about following our suggestions. If you can listen and follow suggestions, you can be hypnotized. Which means you can achieve successful results with hypnosis.

How Will I Know If I Am Hypnotized?

There is no special feeling of whether or not you are hypnotized. In fact, if you wanted to compare hypnosis to anything, the closest you could get is when you are extrememly relaxed early in the morning just waking up or late at night just drifting off into sleep where you are not really sure if you are awake or sleeping.

Is Hypnosis Safe?

Hypnosis is perfectly safe. No one ever on the history of the planet has ever been hurt using hypnosis. There is no single incident of hypnosis injuring someone. Which means that everyone who has ever done it was perfectly safe.

How Does Hypnosis Work?

You have an unconscious and conscious mind. Your unconscious mind is the one that drives your life. That does everything you don’t think about. And the conscious mind is the part of your mind that think, and makes choices, and decides what it is you do and don’t want to do. The Problem is that your unconscious mind will take over when you are not consciously thinking about it.

What hypnosis does is goes in through the “back door” of your mind and helps your unconscious mind changes its beliefs, patterns and habits so that when you are not consciously thinking about quitting, it takes over and works for you to be a non-smoker.

FAQ’s About Other Methods

Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) (Patches, Gum, Inhalers):

All the forms of nicotine replacement therapy (gum, patches, etc.) have a success rate of only 10%–20%, depending on the scientific study. Which means that 80-90% of the time people fail. Not only does NRT fail most of the time, it also has dangerous side effects. Such as: nausea and indigestion, itching and redness of the skin, and nightmares—and occasionally the side effects can be more serious.  So there is very little chance of it working, and a very big chance of physical harm.

Hypnosis is completely safe, and WORKS…which is why we offer a lifetime guarantee.

Zyban (or other drugs):

National Health Services reports have shown that zyban is completely ineffective unless combined with other psychological or group type treatment—for example, hypnosis.  People have actually died as a side effect from this drug. The Makers of this drug state that 1 in 1000 will suffer convulsions that could lead to death.  It doesn’t work, and it is a very dangerous drug.

The Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes is completely safe, and WORKS… which is why we offer a lifetime guarantee.

Group Hypnosis:

Yes, the group hypnosis quit cigarettes is only $80, but only 30% of the people get results. In a group setting you cannot custom tailor the program to yourself and your needs. That is why he success rates are so low. If you want to gamble that you will be in the group who succeeds, you can do that.

Or you can play the sure game and with our guarantee, you will be a non-smoker.

What If “They/Others” offer a money back guarantee:

Did you ask about the conditions of the money back guarantee?

My guess is they probably have so many disclaimers that you would never get your money back anyway. We offer an unconditional lifetime guarantee. Which is actually better than a money back guarantee. Because you and I want you to quit cigarettes. And with our guarantee, we are essentially guaranteeing you will quit cigarettes, which is better than your money back.

FAQ’s About GoQuit4Life

What Are Your Qualifications? / How Long Have You Been In Business?

Aaron is part of a network of hypnotherapists using a unique quit smoking system that has been in use for over ten years with literally tens of thousands of success stories.

The quit cigarettes in 60 minutes has been used to help people like yourself become happy, permanent, non-smokers.  Aaron is also certified as a member of the Institute of Complimentary Therapists.

What Makes Us Different?

The biggest thing is our ability to help you be a non-smoker in only 60 minutes your time, and that is guaranteed for life to work otherwise we will work with you again, to make sure you are a non-smoker.

We are able to do this because we have discovered a new way of combining advanced hypnosis techniques with the new science of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), which takes success rates to an unprecedented level.

How do you process any payments?

At GoQuit4Life we prefer to process your session payment of $397.00 as cash or if you prefer Credit or debit card via our secure PayPal Here Interface.

The session payment must be made in full prior to begining your Initial Consultation.

Credit or Debit cards will be processed via our secure PayPal interface using the PayPal payment gateway. This is to make sure your financial details remain secure and confidential at all times.

After the Initial FREE CONSULTATION, if GoQuit4Life finds that you fit all the conditions required for your success, we will then begin your Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes™ Hypnosis Session.

If we find that you don’t fit all the conditions required for your success with the Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes™ Session, then GoQuit4Life will refund 100% of your payment paid by you: within 12-24 hours if paid by credit/debit cards (depending on bank transfer process) or immediately if you have paid by cash.

Cash or Credit Cards
(will be processed via “PayPal Here”)

Please Note:

Cheques can only be accepted if –

1) The cheque amount is made out for the full session of $397.00 (less any valid gift certificates you may have – accompanying the cheque.)

2)The cheque must be cleared into our account 48hrs prior to your allocated session time.

3) Any delays in cheque processing may mean that your allocated session time will need to change.